Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies (English Edition) por Susan Gammage

June 27, 2019

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Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies (English Edition) por Susan Gammage

Titulo del libro: Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies (English Edition)

Autor: Susan Gammage

Número de páginas: 238 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 15, 2012

Editor: Baha'i Publishing Trust (India)

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Susan Gammage con Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies (English Edition)

Has your life been nearly ruined by physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual or ritual abuse? Have you suffered from neglect and abandonment? Have you endured living in a war-torn country or felt powerless by all of the violence in the world? Have you yearned for a spiritually-based way to heal, consistent with your faith as a Bahá'í? This book can help!

Author Susan Gammage is a survivor of childhood physical, sexual and ritual abuse, and knows how hard the process of recovery can be. She’s spent the last twenty years learning to apply the quotes in this book to her own life. As a result, she is now free from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression which resulted from her childhood abuse. She promised early on in her healing that if she ever got to the other side of the tunnel, and found light, she’d share what worked with others. This book is her attempt to do so.

Since its publication in 2009, Violence and Abuse: Reasons and Remedies is a "must have" compilation for every LSA, counselling committee and individual trying to heal. It has been highly successful as a working manual for survivors who are starting their lives over after an abusive past, perpetrators with a sincere desire to change, therapists looking for a spiritual approach to healing, family members who want to understand and help and Bahá'í institutions working to assist with personal transformation.

Now, in the second edition, Susan Gammage has included revised and enhanced strategies to help survivors move forward on the path of recovery. In this immensely helpful guide you'll learn about:

•the purpose of life and the spiritual dimension of our struggles, including the spiritual significance of the suffering of children

•the actions which contribute to abuse and violence, and how to break the cycle

•the effects on the victim

•the consequences for the abuser

•how to protect yourself, liberate yourself from anger and work towards forgiveness

•the steps to healing in order to find happiness and tranquillity

•compensation for suffering

•the role of Individuals, families and institutions, including clear direction to parents and Bahá'í institutions for the protection of children

Readers have called it “encouraging”; “inspirational”; and “unlike any Bahá'í book I’ve ever seen”.

They say it is “one of the best books they have ever read”; “well organized and presented in a manner that makes it simple to find particular topics” and “I open it and it is exactly what I need, when it is needed”.

The compilation “speaks right to the heart”; “reminds me not to lose faith and to know that everything is exactly as it should be.”

It “has the potential to change the world by increasing the speed of abuse recognition and recovery and it’s sure to become a Bahá'í best-seller!”

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