Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handspring & Tumbling Success! (English Edition) por Rik Feeney

July 22, 2019

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Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handspring & Tumbling Success! (English Edition) por Rik Feeney

Titulo del libro: Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handspring & Tumbling Success! (English Edition)

Autor: Rik Feeney

Número de páginas: 126 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 9, 2013

Editor: Richardson Publishing

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Rik Feeney con Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handspring & Tumbling Success! (English Edition)

"CHEERLEADING: Conditioning for Back Handspring & Tumbling Success!" is for cheerleaders, coaches, parents, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, recreational instructors, or anyone interested in using conditioning techniques to improve physical health, athletic performance, & injury prevention. The cheerleader will learn how to increase her strength by 200 to 300%. She will learn the basics of proper conditioning to develop "core stability" for more dynamic tumbling! There are suggested exercises for every major muscle group and the book includes forms to track and design a conditioning program specific to the athlete. In addition, multiple illustrations provide visual cues for exercise performance.

“As a Physical Therapist and former Certified Athletic Trainer, I feel promoting good mechanics with easy to follow directions provides for less likelihood of poor outcome or injury. I like the easy to apply techniques in this user friendly skill book. The knowledge behind the material encourages success. Great book.” ~Jennifer Lutzyk, PT

“Great book! I already had some of the cheerleaders read a few of the paragraphs out of the book aloud in class. Maybe they will get the hint, especially about the strength needed to do a back handspring.”
Jyl Brown, Elite Gymnastics

“Hi Rik, as a new dance studio owner who teaches basic acrobatics and tumbling your guide provides me and my instructors with much needed information to keep my students safe and conditioned while learning! Thanks so much! “ ~Kay Terry, Rising Star Family Dance Center / Plaistow, NH

“Great material. I have 2 younger cheer tumbling coaches that I shared it with and they ate it up. I am interested in ordering several copies for reference and pro shop.” ~Tom Auer, Racine Gymnastics Center / WI

“I thought the information provided in "Conditioning for Back Handspring Success" was great. I have several girls that do privates and I have done some of these exercises with them and I can see a bit of improvement in their back handsprings.
I am currently incorporating these techniques into my intermediate and advanced tumbling class this coming year. I know the kids will definitely benefit.
I think all of the information was presented in a clear, easy to follow format and that I made a wise choice in researching, finding and trying out your products. I am especially excited about the training course for instructors so please keep me informed as to when this one will be available. Keep up the good work.”
~Shawnte' Washington-Wrice, All Star Tumbling & Cheer / Atoka, OK

"Every tumbler wants to learn a back handspring but doesn't have the strength and flexibility to achieve it. This book will enable you to improve your all around fitness thereby growing strong enough and flexible enough to do them safely! "
~Patti Komara / Dyer, IN

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